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Design 101 for Product Managers and Engineers

Design 101 for Product Managers and Engineers

Presented on March 22, 2017 at Columbia University.

I’m not a designer. Let me start with that. I’m a developer, and I currently work in product management, so I’ve worked with a lot of great designers, but I’m not one myself. 

For many, design can seem like magic — a dark art that only a few can master. This isn’t the case. I like to think that I bring the outsider’s view on this topic, and might be able to offer some insight into how engineers, PMs, and everyone else can pick up a bit of design.

I gave this talk at Columbia, which covers how first-time designers can pick up the basics: space, grids, color, type, illustration, from a propsective of understadning cognition, and human-centered design. Enjoy!

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